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Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista

Regular Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista like with the aid of a vacuum cleaner is fundamental to help maintain the desired appearance of a clean home. However, over time, standard carpet cleaning is often not enough to remove deep dirt, stains and overall wear that can make your carpet look dull and lifeless.

For a deeper, more thorough cleansing, it’s ideal to have a professional deep clean your home at least once a year.

The professional staff at JV Tile and Carpet Cleaning in Chula Vista are here to help you bring vibrancy back to your carpets to restore a fresh and revitalized look like it had when your investment in flooring was first installed.

Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista

We Utilize a proven and thorough six step process for our Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Pre vacuum all carpet
  • Pre spray all carpet with commercial cleaning cleaning solution
  • Brush agitate carpet
  • Pre spot heavily soiled stains
  • Apply hot water extraction to perform deep clean
  • Rake carpet to produce faster drying time

In addition, a Rotovac 360 provides additional cleaning of desired area surfaces

Professional cleaning performed in this manner is effective in fighting against:

  • Deep stubborn stains
  • Fungi and viruses
  • Oil residue
  • Pet odors

We maintain a reputation of providing excellent services throughout the area. We understand the different properties and characteristics each type of carpet possess and know how to treat each of them accordingly and with care.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to do a thorough inspection and discuss the possible needs of your Carpet Cleaning needs. We will take a look the high traffic areas, those places that are not being catered by light cleaning, and other spots that might need professional assistance. With our experts combined with cleaning technology reputed that shines in the industry, you can be confident that you’ll get outstanding service with dramatically visible results!Call JV Tile and Carpet Cleaning in Chula Vista today to schedule expert and friendly service for all your flooring needs.

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